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We are dedicated to providing you with the most personalized hearing experience possible.

Hearing Services in Los Angeles County

Hearing Science of the Foothills provides comprehensive hearing services to the people of Montrose, La Cañada, Glendale, and the surrounding communities. We offer comprehensive hearing exams, the latest hearing aids, hearing protection, and educational resources to help you hear and communicate your best again.

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We provide diagnostic hearing tests in Montrose, CA, to adults of all ages. A hearing evaluation is the first step in determining if you have a hearing loss, the degree, type, and specifics. Our hearing specialist can assess your hearing and help you determine if you could be helped by a hearing aid. During your hearing evaluation we perform a series of tests, including:

  • Tympanometry
  • Audiometric Testing

After we’ve evaluated your hearing, we will take the results of your audiogram and determine what kind of hearing aid will best help you. We will ask you some questions to better understand your lifestyle, activity level, and what your hearing goals are. With this information, we will select a hearing aid that will help you hear better in your listening environments.

After you’ve chosen a hearing aid, we will expertly fit the device to your unique ear shape and program them to your hearing prescription. Because we are able to work with the major hearing aid brands, we can program any hearing aid.

We also provide follow-up services and can adjust the programming on your hearing aids, even if you didn’t purchase the devices from us.

Get the most from your hearing aids by having them professionally cleaned and adjusted. We recommend bringing your hearing aids in every six months for a professional, deep cleaning. We can also perform regular maintenance checks to ensure your devices are still providing you with excellent hearing.

We can perform repairs in-office. If something isn’t working quite right with your hearing aids, bring them in to us. We can make some repairs in-office, but, if necessary, we can send your hearing aids to the manufacturer for more comprehensive repairs.

If your employer requires OSHA-mandated occupational hearing testing, we can help you. Our hearing aid dispenser can perform your screening to keep you in compliance and get you back on the job in about 30 minutes.

Ringing in the ears, medically known as tinnitus, can be disruptive to your daily life. At Hearing Science of the Foothills, we can perform a tinnitus test during your hearing evaluation to help you determine the cause and severity of your tinnitus. In addition, we also offer a tinnitus treatment that can help alleviate the ringing in your ears. We carry special tinnitus masking hearing aids that can distract your brain from the symptoms of tinnitus.

Hearing Protection

in Montrose, CA

You rely on your hearing to communicate with loved ones, listen to your favorite music, and keep your brain active. It’s important to protect your hearing ability by wearing custom fit earplugs. Loud noise exposure is one of the most common causes of hearing loss in people of all ages. At our hearing center, we can create custom fit hearing protection including earplugs, earmolds, swim plugs, and in-ear monitors for musicians.

Don’t let loud noise affect your sensitive hearing. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment for a hearing check and custom earmold fitting.

Virtual Appointments

Can’t make it to the office? We are now able to see patients remotely through the CQ Partners Virtual Office! This tool makes it easy to meet with a provider, check your hearing, and discuss hearing aids online.

You don’t need any special equipment—just headphones and a device with a working camera and microphone. We will send you a link to your appointment and guide you every step of the way.

The Virtual Office is a safe, accurate, and convenient way to make your hearing a priority. Don’t put off better hearing any longer.

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