Hearing Aid Fitting and Programming

Hearing Science of the Foothills will help you select the best hearing technology for your needs, lifestyle and budget. Next, your hearing aids will be programmed according to your prescription.

When you come in for your fitting appointment, the hearing instrument specialist will fine-tune your hearing aids programs, teach you how to care for your hearing aids and provide a plan for adjusting to wearing your hearing aids.

Your hearing aid fitting appointment will likely take an hour or more. So, make sure to allow enough time. We also encourage you to bring a friend or family member with you. Not only will they help and support you through the process, but they will also participate in the live speech mapping process.

Live speech mapping

Some places will adjust your hearing aids with a series of beeps and tones. But that’s not the way you hear.

Hearing Science of the Foothills uses live speech mapping technology to make sure your hearing aids are delivering sound comfortably and naturally.

The hearing instrument specialist will place a small microphone in your ear canal while wearing your hearing aids. This measures how the hearing aids are delivering sound to you. Then, the voice of your friend or family member is then used to adjust the programs.

The sound is also displayed on a visual screen so you can see how you hear and how adjusting the hearing aids changes the sound.

Research shows this fitting process results in improved hearing aid user satisfaction. And that’s just the beginning. Live speech mapping also results in:

  • More confidence in wearing your hearing aids
  • Higher accuracy in the programming of hearing aids
  • Fewer number of return visits for adjustment.

Hearing aid care

Before you leave, you’ll practice inserting and removing your hearing aids, adjusting the volume and using the different features.

You’ll also learn how to change the batteries or recharge your batteries and perform routine maintenance like cleaning. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask for printed instructions to take home.

Hearing Science of the Foothills wants you to be comfortable with your new technology before you leave the office.

Adjusting to hearing aids and follow up care

Just as it takes time for your eyes to adjust to wearing glasses, it takes a bit of time for your ears to adjust to wearing hearing aids. More specifically, it’s your brain that needs to adjust.

When you lose your hearing, your brain receives less auditory stimulation. When hearing aids increase the signals going to your brain, you may feel overwhelmed at first. But this feeling will quickly go away.

The hearing instrument specialist will give you a plan for adjusting to your hearing aids and schedule an appointment for follow-up care.

Call us anytime if you have questions or concerns about adjusting to your hearing aids. We are here to help.