Hearing Aids Reduce Signs of Aging

elderly patient in yellow shirt holding two hearing aids

Hearing loss can change your life in a number of ways – you might miss out on socialization with friends and family, you might find it hard to talk on the phone or even feel unsafe and lack confidence while completing tasks independently. It’s all too easy to simply withdraw when you feel as though you can’t keep up, but fortunately the symptoms of hearing loss can be reduced and even resolved by the addition of a hearing aid. Hearing loss doesn’t have to get in the way of your ability to enjoy life to the fullest, as a hearing aid can totally transform the way that you feel in such a short amount of time. 

Hearing aids have so many selling points and benefits, one of which being their ability to slow down the advancements of aging. Getting your own hearing aid from a trusted hearing instrument specialist can reduce signs of aging like nothing else can, so there’s no time like the present to start learning more about the many advantages that a hearing aid can bring. Fortunately, this guide is full of handy information that you can take on board to better understand the benefits of a hearing aid, so read on to uncover more! 

Trip & Fall Prevention 

Research has shown that even mild hearing loss can as much as triple your risk of taking a tumble, with the risk increasing by a dramatic 140% for every additional 10 decibels (dB) of hearing loss that you experience as an individual. When you have hearing loss you are less aware of what’s going on around you, making it more likely that you will collide with another person or even trip over something.

Good balance requires brain power, but when you have hearing loss you need to focus considerably more energy into hearing, so this will result in a lack of mental resources remaining to help you stay standing up straight. So, if you have a hearing aid that allows you to hear more clearly without having to strain, your brain can focus more energy into balance and spatial awareness instead! A hearing aid is always a brilliant trip and fall prevention method, which no doubt helps to alleviate signs of aging. 

Decreases Your Risk of Dementia

People who experience untreated hearing loss appear to have an increased risk of developing dementia, as hearing loss forces the brain to work harder, causing it to struggle and strain in order to hear and fill in the blanks – this will of course happen at the expense of other vital thinking and memory systems inside your brain. Hearing loss is also said to cause an aging brain to shrink at a faster rate, so this poses an increased risk for elderly patients who experience hearing loss in later life. Hearing loss leads to less social interaction, which is massively important when attempting to remain intellectually stimulated.

Lack of stimulation can be a trigger for dementia, so there are many different hearing loss symptoms that can increase your chances of falling victim to memory-related conditions. Having a hearing aid can reduce your chances of falling victim to dementia and other memory related conditions, as you will be able to alleviate the pressure that was previously put on your brain when you didn’t have any kind of support or assistance. Staying mentally fit and healthy is absolutely vital if you want to slow down the signs of aging, so be sure to seek out a top-quality hearing aid if you want to cut your chances of experiencing dementia. 

Encouraging Socialization

When you have hearing loss, you will likely find socialization quite a tricky task. Being muddled with background noise and confused by overlapping voices can cause you to retreat back into yourself and avoid heading out altogether, but this can have a devastating effect on the rate at which you age. Failing to socialize and talk to people as often as you can will cause you to develop further mental health struggles that might lay the foundations for aforementioned dementia, and it can lead to depression, fatigue and a general lack of confidence that will affect you both physically and mentally.

A lack of socialization can encourage you to stop taking care of yourself, leading to poor hygiene, missed meals and weakened muscles. Installing a hearing aid will remove this issue instantly, as you’ll once again have the confidence to step outside for a catch up with your friends and family! Keeping your mind active by regularly socializing will help you to stay youthful.  If you want to learn more about how you can benefit from a hearing aid, then get in touch with our friendly team at Hearing Science of The Foothills, Inc. by calling us today at (818) 698-8056.