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Who Is At Risk For Developing Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a condition that causes ringing or other sounds in one or both ears. The noise can be heard at various pitches and sounds like it’s coming from inside the brain or around the surrounding environment, but it may not be audible to others because there are no external sources. If others hear a […]

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4 Signs Your Child Needs a Hearing Test

When it comes to diagnosing hearing problems, many of us find it hard to identify if we have hearing loss or not. This is because we don’t really have a benchmark to compare our hearing to. It also happens extremely gradually, meaning we don’t realize when our hearing is getting worse. Eventually, we’ll need to […]

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What Are The Best Hearing Aid Features

There are many different kinds of hearing aids available on the market. When speaking to a hearing instrument specialist about getting a pair of hearing aids, it can be rather overwhelming to see that hearing aid technology has expanded so much over the past couple of years. While your local hearing instrument specialist can certainly […]

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What are the Best Hearing Aid Styles?

Having a hearing aid fitted requires that you are aware of a number of important issues all at once. If you are curious about anything to do with choosing a hearing aid, you should of course always ask your hearing instrument specialist, who will be able to help you work out which is best for […]

a hearing specialist performing a hearing aid fitting for his elderly patient

4 Factors In A Successful Hearing Aid Fitting

If you have been experiencing hearing loss, then making an appointment with a hearing instrument specialist is a must. They can assess the level of hearing loss and look at what can be done to help improve your hearing. In many cases, this will result in needing to book you in for a hearing aid […]

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A Comprehensive Care Guide to Hearing Aids

Almost every hearing aid wearer knows just how important these tiny computers are to their everyday activities and life. Hearing aids don’t cure your hearing, but they do enhance your hearing to ensure that you are able to hear the world around you a little better. Caring for these hearing aids is as important as […]

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A Complete Guide to Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Our aural landscape is a massive part of our sensory experience of the world. It’s quite literally the soundtrack to our days, and every happy memory we have can be summoned by imagining the sounds that accompanied the moment, from cheers at our graduations to the laughter of our children as they play.  And yet […]

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How Expensive is the Average Hearing Aid?

It is no secret that hearing aids are expensive devices. To make the situation that much more difficult, most insurance providers will not cover the cost of two hearing aids. People see the cost of a hearing aid, despite their dire need for one, and will pass it up. It does not have to be […]