a hearing aid being professionally repaired under a magnifying glass

At Home Care Tips for Hearing Aids

Your hearing aids do a tremendous job of supporting you to live your life as effectively as possible when you are experiencing hearing loss. So, it stands to reason that you will need to take good care of them if you want them to keep functioning as effectively as they did when they were first […]

elderly patient in yellow shirt holding two hearing aids

Hearing Aids Reduce Signs of Aging

Hearing loss can change your life in a number of ways – you might miss out on socialization with friends and family, you might find it hard to talk on the phone or even feel unsafe and lack confidence while completing tasks independently. It’s all too easy to simply withdraw when you feel as though […]

elderly patient being fitted with new hearing aids

Best Hearing Aids For Seniors

Hearing loss is very common when someone reaches old age, it can be expected that hearing will begin to decline around the age of sixty. It’s estimated that within the United States, 40% to 50% of seniors have some form of hearing impairment. Since hearing loss is a spectrum, some seniors may have a minor […]

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What Are The Best Hearing Aid Features

There are many different kinds of hearing aids available on the market. When speaking to a hearing instrument specialist about getting a pair of hearing aids, it can be rather overwhelming to see that hearing aid technology has expanded so much over the past couple of years. While your local hearing instrument specialist can certainly […]

hands holding a variety of different hearing aids in lap

What are the Best Hearing Aid Styles?

Having a hearing aid fitted requires that you are aware of a number of important issues all at once. If you are curious about anything to do with choosing a hearing aid, you should of course always ask your hearing instrument specialist, who will be able to help you work out which is best for […]

a hearing specialist performing a hearing aid fitting for his elderly patient

4 Factors In A Successful Hearing Aid Fitting

If you have been experiencing hearing loss, then making an appointment with a hearing instrument specialist is a must. They can assess the level of hearing loss and look at what can be done to help improve your hearing. In many cases, this will result in needing to book you in for a hearing aid […]

a hearing specialist repairing a set of broken hearing aids

A Comprehensive Care Guide to Hearing Aids

Almost every hearing aid wearer knows just how important these tiny computers are to their everyday activities and life. Hearing aids don’t cure your hearing, but they do enhance your hearing to ensure that you are able to hear the world around you a little better. Caring for these hearing aids is as important as […]

a blue and white hearing aid held in the palm of a hand

How Expensive is the Average Hearing Aid?

It is no secret that hearing aids are expensive devices. To make the situation that much more difficult, most insurance providers will not cover the cost of two hearing aids. People see the cost of a hearing aid, despite their dire need for one, and will pass it up. It does not have to be […]