Best Hearing Aids For Seniors

elderly patient being fitted with new hearing aids

Hearing loss is very common when someone reaches old age, it can be expected that hearing will begin to decline around the age of sixty. It’s estimated that within the United States, 40% to 50% of seniors have some form of hearing impairment. Since hearing loss is a spectrum, some seniors may have a minor loss while others are greatly impacted. Hearing loss can cause a lot of problems too such as feeling isolated, struggling to communicate in day-to-day life, self-consciousness and embarrassment from having to ask people to repeat themselves.

When it comes to hearing loss for seniors, the two most common treatments would be cochlear implants and hearing aids. Everyone, especially seniors must regularly visit their local hearing instrument specialist as they will be able to assist in selecting the right hearing aids and having the best fittings and adjustments as well. This will allow for more comfort and the patient will be able to continue communicating in daily life with ease.

How to Choose the Right Hearing Aid for You

Visiting your local hearing instrument specialist will allow for them to best assist what hearing aid will be best for you. They take into account your preferences; your hearing loss issues and what your lifestyle is like. Many patients will have a preference in their hearing aid style such as:

  • Behind the ear (BTE), is when the hearing aid sits behind the ear and has a tube that runs down the mold in the ear.
  • In the canal (ITC), this type of hearing aid is mostly custom fit to your ear canal. This will specifically fit you and is individually made for you.
  • In the ear (ITE), this sits in the outer bowl, and it’s usually a bit smaller than the BTE hearing aids. While BTE will have tubes, the ITE aids will have a small wire that runs down. The dome that fits in the canal resembles an earbud and will fit snugly into the ear canal. The ITE hearing aid style is the most common type of hearing aid and can be used for most types of hearing loss including mild cases.

The main factor in choosing a type of hearing aid will strongly depend on the level and type of hearing loss that the patient may have. A hearing instrument specialist will assist in finding a comfortable fit for the patient, but it still mostly depends on what the patient needs, not their preferred style of hearing aid.

Important Technical Features to Think About

When you’re discussing with your hearing instrument specialist about the best hearing aid to suit your needs, it’s best to understand some of the technical features that a hearing aid has as this can assist in your daily life.


The program within the hearing aid will be custom-made for you. There can be different programs available on the device so you can adjust. These adjustments to the program can be changed depending on where you’ll be. The setting can include being somewhere such as in a car, somewhere quiet, noisy like a cafe, watching TV and so many more settings. The settings can be easily changed within a smartphone app, remote or even switches with a physical button.


Bluetooth is a common technology that allows for wireless use of electronic devices such as headphones, remote control devices like a TV or a car, but Bluetooth technology can also be used for hearing aids too. Using Bluetooth technology to link the hearing aids with smart devices at home such as a phone, doorbell, phone and more can drastically help in easing daily life. Many modern hearing aids can connect to Bluetooth which can assist in using other electronics which can greatly improve the experience and make day-to-day life much easier.

Sound Processing

The sound processing can depend on the brand, this can include methods such as reducing unwanted noises, masking sounds for tinnitus and enhancing voices. There can be other reductions as well such as wind reduction and noise reduction. Many brands will use identical quality to reduce unwanted sounds. It’s best to read up on this and discuss this with your hearing instrument specialist.

Hearing aids are a great piece of technology that can greatly assist in the quality of life for anybody that is experiencing hearing loss. If you would like to learn more about hearing aids you call to contact the Hearing Science of The Foothills, Inc by calling us today at (818) 698-8056.